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Project Description

Toyota Dealership


Company’s Challenge

Organization had recently opened it’s doors to the public. The dealership had begun to run radio spots to create awareness of the business’ location. They wanted to take a more targeted approach to advertising online while being able to measure meaningful ROI.

Their specific needs included:

  • Targeting Toyota enthusiasts

  • Reaching prospects who visited their competitors’ lots

  • Measuring ROI beyond Clicks and CTR’s

Our Recommendation

We recommended running a display campaign to increase awareness of the dealership and its vehicle promotions. The tactics included:

  • Geofencing
  • Keyword retargeting

Our geo-fencing strategy included targeting their competitors, and retargeting individuals who walked onto competing dealer lots with ads for the Toyota dealership. Through the use of keyword retargeting, we were able to capture specific words or phrases someone made in a search engine related to our client’s vehicles, and deliver ads to them once they left the search engine and returned to any website or mobile app.

Search Retargeting


Over the course of the first 6 weeks, the display campaign generated over 3,200 visits to the client’s site. From a ROI standpoint, we were able to record 92 drives/conversions. These are the people we were able to identify as having seen the display ad and then showing up at the Toyota dealership. The dealer says they have an a closing ratio of 10 percent, so our assumed closed sales were 9 and generated a ROI over 300 percent.