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  • Targeted Display Advertising

  • Our custom-built ad targeting platform is one of a kind. We utilize the most effective means of targeting individuals online and even have the ability to track the effectiveness of a campaign, by being able to tell you how many people we drove to your physical location. Our services include:

  • Demographic Targeting

    Demographic targeting allows you to choose who you would like to reach by age, gender, location, etc. to display your ads to online. One of the most effective targeting tactics in the market today.

  • Site Retargeting

    Reach individuals who have visited your site, but didn't convert, by delivering our retargeting ads to those people on an ongoing basis.

  • Keyword / Search Retargeting

    Deliver contextual ads that are triggered by online search queries as dating back as far as 120 days ago and as recent as 5 minutes ago. After all, what could be more precise than putting your message in front of someone who's already looking for your specific product or service by its keyword?

  • Location-Based Retargeting

    Want to go after your competitors prospects/customers. We can help geo-fence your competitors locations and then serve ads to those visitors for up to 120 days.

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