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  • We care about your business and brand, and we want to provide solutions in the ever-growing digital space that can cost-effectively, with data-driven capabilities excel your business beyond competitors and to new audiences.

    Using highly-targeted, well-blended strategies with years of experience, we can provide results that are not only visible–they’re measurable too! With extremely transparent reporting, a comprehensive approach, and hands-on management of your campaigns, we truly provide a unique unparalleled digital experience.

    Inspired by the rapidly changing digital media landscape, and the constant need for evolving advertising and marketing solutions, RevKick was founded to give local businesses an edge. With local experience in the advertising and media industry, RevKick has years of experience in developing proven solutions for clients. With our in-house, innovative platform, we can target your ideal demographic audience anywhere in the world; around your business, at your competitors, or attending an event. Plus, track results with our online dashboard and in-person reporting to verify every result we drive, as well as performance from top-to-bottom.