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Project Description

Large Staffing Company

CATEGORY – STAFFING | MARKET – (NC, UTAH, KS) | Date – Nov to Dec ’16

Client’s Objective

This company was needing to fill thousands of positions during the holiday season for their various clients across 4 markets. The had utilized an SEO strategy before but wanted recommendations beyond placing job openings online and leaving flyers in businesses.


Our recommendation to run a targeted display campaign included a few components in order to reach a targeted, mobile prospect:

  • Geo-targeting
  • Keyword targeting

We layered in demographic targets such as HHI income, age and gender to go after the most targeted audience in a 40-mile radius around each of the clients branches. These branches were in North Carolina, Utah and Kansas.

Keyword retargeting


Campaign ran for four weeks and we delivered over 5,000 visitors to our client’s site and Click-thru Rate over 7x the national average. This led to over 1,300 applications online as result of our campaign. Their average cost per applicant was $15.38 per applicant, with their usually acquisition costs being nearly $18.00 per applicant.